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Figure 2

From: Improving N-terminal protein annotation of Plasmodium species based on signal peptide prediction of orthologous proteins

Figure 2

Description of orthologous groups classified based on signal peptide prediction of their proteins. (A) Distribution of 4319 groups from different Plasmodium species: Pv (P. vivax); Pk (P. knowlesi); Pf (P. falciparum); Pb (P. berghei); Py (P. yoelii). Horizontal lines represent each orthologous group. White spaces represent the lack of a protein in the species for that orthologous group. Default PlasmoDB settings were used to consider positive signal peptide predictions: NN-Sum ≥ 3 or D-Score ≥ 0.5 or HMM probability ≥ 0.5. (B) Distribution of number of proteins per orthologous groups, varying from 2 to 5. (C) Proportion of groups showing at least one misannotated protein in each of the three classes: Negative (98/291), Positive (24/169) or Mixed (330/442), error bars= 95% confidence interval. Difference among multiple proportions was measured with the Chi-square test and the Marascuilo post-hoc analysis was used for testing differences between pairs of proportions (*** p<0.0001).

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