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Figure 7

From: Improving N-terminal protein annotation of Plasmodium species based on signal peptide prediction of orthologous proteins

Figure 7

Signal peptide prediction patterns among Plasmodium species. (A) Three distinct patterns of signal peptide predictions were compared to a schematic phylogenetic tree (based on mitochondrial genes [59]) of five Plasmodium species to represent a likely evolutionary support. Pattern I: P. berguei and P. yoelii; Pattern II: P. vivax and P. knowlesi; Pattern III: P. falciparum. (B) The proportions of these three patterns were compared between groups that were originally Mixed but were reclassified because of either reannotations or optimization of signal peptide prediction parameters (N=301) and groups that have retained their classification as Mixed group despite inspections, reannotations and optimization (N=141). The Chi-square test was used to calculate statistical significance of the differences between proportions (* p<0.05, *** p<0.0001).

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