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Table 2 Reannotated proteins with direct experimental validation of subcellular localization

From: Improving N-terminal protein annotation of Plasmodium species based on signal peptide prediction of orthologous proteins

PlasmoDB Gene ID Species Ortholog group Signal peptide prediction ApiLoc*
Before After Localization Reference
PF14_0517 Pf OG4_10729 Negative Positive Cytosol and food vacuole during trophozoite [60]
PFB0400w Pf OG4_42799 Positive Positive Cytoplasm during gametocyte stage v [46]
PVX_090075 Pv OG4_54213 Negative Positive Rhoptry during schizont [45]
PY03011 Py OG4_48314 Negative Positive Apical and basal and not nucleus during salivary gland sporozoite [61]
PY00454 Py OG4_21677 Positive Positive Microneme during sporozoite [62]
PY00819 Py OG4_10672 Negative Positive Apicoplast during hepatocyte schizont and salivary gland sporozoite [63]
PY07092 Py OG4_47550 Negative Positive Apical and not surface during salivary gland sporozoite [61]
PY04986 Py OG4_25099 Negative Positive Apical during oocyst, sporozoite [64]
  1. *Recovery of experimental data from the literature, available in the ApiLoc database, describing the localization and timing of expression for reannotated proteins. Species: Pf Plasmodium falciparum, Pv Plasmodium vivax, Py Plasmodium yoelii.