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Figure 3

From: Prospective malaria control using entomopathogenic fungi: comparative evaluation of impact on transmission and selection for resistance

Figure 3

Comparison of virulence characteristics and fitness costs associated with given reductions in EIR. Top panels show different combinations of values for initiation day (x-axis) and daily mortality rate (y-axis) which achieve the denoted reductions in EIR (RAIB). The mortality rate required to achieve a given RAIB increases for later initiation days, up to an initiation day beyond which the target RAIB cannot be achieved, at which point the plots stop. With 50% biopesticide coverage, no virulence parameter combinations achieve 99% RAIB. Bottom panels show the selection coefficients corresponding to the same set of virulence parameter values, eg, the 99% RAIB value plotted for initiation day 2 gives the fitness cost for susceptibility to a biopesticide with initiation day 2 combined with the mortality rate required to achieve a 99% RAIB. Higher selection coefficients indicate stronger selection pressure for resistance.

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