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Figure 3

From: Plasmodium serine hydroxymethyltransferase: indispensability and display of distinct localization

Figure 3

Mitochondrial signal peptide mapping of Pf mSHMT. Schematic diagrams depict localization of GFP fusion protein with (i) full-length Pf mSHMT, (ii) N-terminus truncated Pf mSHMT, and (iii) a series of truncated N-terminal 1–120 amino acid fragment of Pf mSHMT. N24del and N80del refer to deletion of N-terminal amino acids at positions 1–24 and 1–80 of Pf mSHMT respectively. The numbers in N1-80, N1-40, N21-60, N41-8 0, N61-100 and N81-120 refer to amino acid positions at N-terminus of Pf mSHMT.

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