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Table 3 Information requests

From: Community perceptions of malaria and vaccines in two districts of Mozambique

Information requested by community respondents Supporting quotes
Efficacy and dosage  
· Duration of vaccine efficacy “How long does it last when applied to the child?” Female caregiver from Chókwè
Potential side effects “There is a lot of things that we will like to know before the vaccine comes, so that we feel comfortable taking it. Like what will happen to the child after taking the vaccine?” Other caregiver from Chókwè
Target group  
· Who should be vaccinated “Vaccines should also be made for us adults; we want it too.” Traditional healer from Chókwè
· When will vaccine be available for adults “Is the vaccine only for children 0–5 years old or is it for adult as well?” Director of health unit that provides preventive services
· Will the vaccine be for pregnant women “People might ask why the adult {laughs} cannot be vaccinated; this will be a concern for everyone.” Key informant at community level from Chókwè
Where and how vaccine was tested “I think that we the adults should be the first to test this vaccine and only after the results are good we could give the children.” Traditional leader from Chókwè