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Table 1 Copper-dependent protein orthologs to Homo sapiens proteins identified in the P. falciparum proteome

From: A Plasmodium falciparum copper-binding membrane protein with copper transport motifs

Enzyme name Accession number P. falciparum ortholog identified PlasmoDB protein identifier
CCS CAG46726 No N/A
Cu/Zn Superoxide dismutase AAB05661 No N/A
Dopamine-β-monooxygenase PO9172 No N/A
Peptidylglycine monooxygenase P19021 No N/A
Metallothionein AAP97267 No N/A
S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase P23526 Yes PFE1050w
Cox11 CAG46636 Yes PF14_0721
Cox17 AAA98114 Yes PF10_0252
Cox19 AAY35062 Yes PFL0090c
Cg3 O75880 Yes PF07_0034
Cytochrome-c oxidase subunit I ACR77861 Yes mal_mito_2
Cytochrome-c oxidase subunit II ABU47824 Yes PF14_0288 (IIa) PF13_0327 (IIb)
Cytochrome-c oxidase subunit III ABJ99455 Yes mal_mito_1
Cytochrome-c oxidase subunit Vb AAA52060 Yes PFI1365w
Cytochrome-c oxidase subunit VIb AAP35591 Yes PFI1375w