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Figure 1

From: The effects of urbanization on global Plasmodium vivax malaria transmission

Figure 1

The global spatial limits of P . vivax malaria transmission in 2009 [[15]] . Panel A shows the spatial limits of P. vivax malaria risk defined by P. vivax annual parasite incidence (Pv API) data. Areas were defined as stable (dark grey, where Pv API ≥0.1 per 1,000 pa), unstable (medium grey, where Pv API < 0.1 per 1,000 pa) and no risk (light grey, where Pv API = 0 per 1,000 pa). The community-based Pv PR surveys are plotted and colored based on their values (red, where Pv PR >7%; yellow, 3% < Pv PR <7%; light blue, Pv PR < 3%) with zero-valued surveys shown in white. Panel B and Panel C are close-ups for regions with plenty of Pv PR surveys with Panel B showing the area around Jakarta, Indonesia and Panel C showing the areas around Sorong, Indonesia.

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