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Table 1 Parameter definitions and assumed values of the model of Hancock et al.

From: Exploiting the behaviour of wild malaria vectors to achieve high infection with fungal biocontrol agents

Symbol Definition Value Source
f Rate of finding blood meals for host-seeking mosquitoes 2.4 (d-1) [36]
P Probability of finding a blood meal for host-seeking mosquitoes within a 12 hour host-seeking period, given that they do not die (1-exp(- T H f)) 0.7  
p E Proportion of the total mosquito population that comprise the exophillic subpopulation 0.58 [35]
Q Probability that exophillic mosquitoes feed on a human host 1/3 [37]
T H Duration of the host-seeking period 0.5 (d) [35]
p o Proportion of the host-seeking period during which humans are outdoors 0.2 [35]
F Rate of contracting fungal infection for endophilic and exophilic subpopulations 3.0, 3.0/5 (d-1) This study
C Probability of fungal infection during the period of biopesticide exposure for endophilic and exophilic subpopulations (1-exp(-(1-p o )T H F)) 0.7, 0.2 This study
  1. [34]