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Table 5 Distribution costs to the NMCP

From: Health impact and cost-effectiveness of a private sector bed net distribution: experimental evidence from Zambia

Item Campaign costs per ITN
ITNs $172,240.53 $4.31
Supplies $325.84 $0.01
Shed manager rewards $1,158.35 $0.03
Distributor rewards $5,959.09 $0.15
Logistics management $4,464.00 $0.11
General and administrative $10,400.00 $0.26
Total $194,547.82 $4.87
Total, adjusted for leakage $203,928.53 $5.10
  1. Note: In accordance with WHO cost effectiveness standards [21], page 44 numbers are presented in international dollars, meaning that tradables (ITNs, supplies, logistics management) are converted into US$ using market exchange rates, while non-tradables (rewards) are converted using purchasing power parity-adjusted exchange rates.