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Table 1 Sensitivity of RDT-DNA extraction methods in in vitro cultured parasites

From: Rapid diagnostic tests for molecular surveillance of Plasmodium falciparum malaria -assessment of DNA extraction methods and field applicability

RDT Fragment Simple elution Chelex-100 ABI
1 cm § 2 200
Proximal NA 20 200
Distal NA NA 20
Whole NA NA 20
SD-Bioline Malaria P.f/Pan
1 cm 2 2 20
Proximal NA 2 20
Distal NA NA 20
Whole NA NA 20
Filter paper
5 μL blood spot 200 2 200
  1. Lowest achieved parasite detection levels (parasites/μL) for DNA extraction from Paracheck-Pf, SD-Bioline Malaria P.f/Pan and from 5 μL blood spotted on filter paper.
  2. § = Not estimated due to negative results.
  3. NA = Not applicable, the size of the RDT fragment used for extraction was limited by the extraction volume.