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Table 1 Baseline and parasitological characteristics of the study populations

From: Field evaluation of HRP2 and pan pLDH-based immunochromatographic assay in therapeutic monitoring of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Myanmar

Baseline characteristics on day 0 (N = 77)  
Mean age in years 23.83
Range of age in years (minimum, maximum) 6–56
Sex ratio (male/female) 2.08 (52/25)
Mean weight in kg 41.35
Mean height in cm 146.57
Mean temperature (°C) 38.95
History of fever within 24 hours (%) 100
Haemoglobin level (mean, range) 10.7 (6.5–15)
Parasitological characteristics on day 0 (N = 77)  
Initial asexual parasitaemia density range (parasites/μl) 580–96000
Mean of initial asexual parasitaemia density (parasites/μl) 15672
Initial Plasmodium falciparum gametocyte carrying cases 22.08% (17)
Range of gametocyte density (per ul) 21–4316