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Figure 1

From: Five years of malaria control in the continental region, Equatorial Guinea

Figure 1

Timing of malaria interventions, Equatorial Guinea 2007 to 2011. A malaria indicator survey (MIS- blue solid lines) was carried out prior to implementation of any interventions in 2007 and then annually. Subsequently two provinces received interventions in 2007. Indoor residual spraying (IRS- lines with a long dash and two dots) commenced in Litoral (L, the coastal province) and long lasting insecticide treated bed nets (LLINs- dashed lines) were distributed in Centro Sur (CS, the province immediately east of Litoral). After the second MIS Artemisin combination therapy (Artesunate 50 mg + Amodiqaquine Hydrochloride 200 mg: denoted as ACT- green lines) was introduced region-wide and the remaining two provinces commenced vector control. Kie-Ntem (KN, the province in the far north east of the region) received IRS and Wele-Nzas (WN, the province in the south east of the region) received LLINs. Pregnant women attending ante-natal clinics region-wide received LLINs from 2009. Intervention activity stopped in August 2011. Information, education and communication campaigns ran throughout the intervention period as described in the text. Training for laboratory staff was carried out from 2009 until June 2011. *In water locked communities where IRS was not feasible.

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