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Figure 3

From: A member of the Plasmodium falciparum PHIST family binds to the erythrocyte cytoskeleton component band 4.1

Figure 3

PF3D7_0402000 localizes to the parasitophorous vacuole membrane. (A) Total SDS extracts from uninfected erythrocytes (−), or erythrocytes infected with ring (R), trophozoite (T) or schizont (S) stage 3D7 P. falciparum parasites were probed with rat anti-PF3D7_0402000 polyclonal antisera. PF3D7_0402000 is expressed in trophozoite and schizont stage parasites, consistent with microarray data. (B) Fixed smears probed with rat anti-PF3D7_0402000 (0402000) and anti-PfSERA5 (SERA5) to test for co-localization (Merge). Parasite nuclei were identified with the nuclear stain DAPI, and infected erythrocytes imaged in brightfield (BF).

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