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Table 1 Mutations found in VCG-1 strain Pv ARP nucleotide and amino acid sequences regarding the reference strain (Sal-1)

From: Characterizing Pv ARP, a novel Plasmodium vivax antigen

Base pairs* Amino acids* Mutations/Deletions Changes in Pvarp nucleotide sequences in P. vivax strains Changes in the Pv ARP amino acid sequences in P. vivax strains
    Sal-I VCG-1 Sal-I VCG-1
456 152 Synonymous CAT CAC H -
600-611 200-204 Deletion CATGAACGGAAA - NMNG -
650 216 Synonymous TAT TAA N -
651 217 Non-synonymous GAA CAA M N
655-656 218 Synonymous CGG CAA N -
657 219 Non-synonymous AAA CAA G N
663 221 Synonymous AAC AAT N -
  1. *Nucleotide and amino acid positions are numbered according to Pv ARP in the Sal-I reference strain.