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Figure 3

From: Activation of minority-variant Plasmodium vivax hypnozoites following artesunate + amodiaquine treatment in a 23-year old man with relapsing malaria in Antananarivo, Madagascar

Figure 3

Plasmodium vivax msp1 heteroduplex tracking assay of the parasite isolates derived from the patient. Each lane contains bands representing the sing-stranded HTA probe and probe homoduplex (seen in the NTC and probe alone lanes). The day of follow-up is indicated at the top of each lane. Unique pvmsp1 genotypes A-D were identified as bands that migrated differently from the single-stranded probe or probe homoduplex bands and are marked as asterisks. These represent heteroduplexes formed between the probe and amplified PCR product from each patient sample. Asterisks are placed between shared minority variants.

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