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Table 1 Characteristics of surveyed outlets

From: The association between price, competition, and demand factors on private sector anti-malarial stocking and sales in western Kenya: considerations for the AMFm subsidy

Shop characteristics (n = 97)   
Mean volume sold per shop (SD) 19.7 (27.6)
Median number of drug brands per shop (range) 2 (1–8)
Median number of personnel (range) 1 (1–6)
Percent with a pharmacist or pharmaceutical technologist 46.4  
Percent with a nurse or nurse aide 39.2  
Percent with untrained personnel dispensing 25  
Neighbours within 1 km (median, range) 2 (0–12)
Percent of shops within 1 km of government facility 42.6  
Demand (n = 33)
Mean HH density around each shop (SD) 108 (80)
Mean fever density around each shop (SD) 22.8 (16.9)
Fever prevalence in households around each shop (SD) 0.23 (0.12)
Proportion of households with cash crop farming around each shop 25.1 (21.1)
Acres of land owned (average in HDSS) 1.8 (3.74)
Head education (all HDSS)
Primary or below 60.5%  
Secondary 30.9%  
Above secondary 8.6%