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Table 2 Excipients of the commercial formulations analysed

From: Determination of artemether and lumefantrine in anti-malarial fixed-dose combination tablets by microemulsion electrokinetic chromatography with short-end injection procedure

Excipients Artrine® Coartem® Cofantrine® Plasmocid®
Colloidal anhydrous silica   x   
Hydroxypropylcellulose     x
Hypromellose   x   x
Isopropyl alcohol    x  
Lactose    x  
Magnesium stearate x x x x
Methylene chloride    x  
Microcrystalline cellulose x x   x
Polysorbate 80 = tween 80   x x  
Sodium croscarmellose   x   x
Sodium laurylsulfate sodium     x
Starch x   x  
Talc     x