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Table 1 Long-lasting insecticidal bed net ownership and use in study sites from 2011–2012 Tanzania HIV/AIDS and Malaria Indicator Survey

From: A good night’s sleep and the habit of net use: perceptions of risk and reasons for bed net use in Bukoba and Zanzibar

  Ownership of at least one net/LLIN Average number of nets per household (any net/LLIN) Use of net/LLIN (general population) Use of LLIN among households with at least 1 LLIN
Kagera Region (n = 445) 94.2%/91.9% 2.3/2.1 70.7% / 66.9% 72.6%
Zanzibar (Unguja) (n = 141) 84.3%/65.5% 2.3/1.6 57.6% / 36.7% 58.6%
  1. Note: Fieldwork for the 2011–2012 THMIS was done concurrently with the fieldwork for this study.