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Table 3 The mean characteristics of households that were in clusters of high or low densities of Anopheles gambiae s.l. and Anopheles funestus

From: Geographic coincidence of increased malaria transmission hazard and vulnerability occurring at the periphery of two Tanzanian villages

  Cluster meana  
Species Factor Low High
An. gambiae s.l. Elevation (m) 286 264
Eaves – Closed 23.94% 11.12%
Occupants 3.56 5.77
Bed nets/person 0.61 0.44
Distanceb (m) 536 4355
An. funestus Elevation (m) 284 286
Eaves – Closed 31.25% 0.00%
Occupants 4.57 3.28
Bed nets/person 0.59 0.63
  Distanceb (m) 564 3770
  1. aClusters of households with high densities of anophelines were identified with Z scores >1.96, or vice versa, clustered households with low densities of anophelines were identified with Z scores < −1.96.
  2. bThe distance of each household from the village centre was calculated using ArcGIS software (ESRI, Redlands, CA, USA).