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Table 3 Species-specific results among malaria genus positive samples

From: A novel, single-amplification PCR targeting mitochondrial genome highly sensitive and specific in diagnosing malaria among returned travellers in Bergen, Norway

Samples (n = 28) Sequencing PgMt19 F3 & B3[21] Modified species-specific 18S PCR [26] Species-specific nested 18S PCR [10] Microscopy
18 Pf Pf Pf Pf
1 Pf Pf + Pm Pf + Pm Pf
1 Pf Negative Negative Pf
3 Pv Pv Pv Pv
1 Pv Pv Pv Negative
1 Pv Pv Pv Pf + Pv
1 Pv Pv1 Pv1 Pk2
1 Po Po Po Pf + Po
1 Pm Pm Pm Negative
  1. Abbreviations: Pf, Plasmodium falciparum; Pv, Plasmodium vivax; Po, Plasmodium ovale; Pm, Plasmodium malariae; Pk, Plasmodium knowlesi.
  2. 1Plasmodium knowlesi primers were not included in the assay.
  3. 2 Evaluated as inconclusive species by microscopy, but with emphasis on possible Plasmodium knowlesi infection.