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Table 1 Parameters for simulation of treatment re-infection studies

From: The design and statistical power of treatment re-infection studies of the association between pre-erythrocytic immunity and infection with Plasmodium falciparum

Description Parameter Value
Baseline transmission efficiency b 0 0.55
PE marker needed to prevent 50% of infections α 50 1
Mean in population with 30% protection μ α 0.56
Mean in population with 50% protection μ α 1.19
Coefficient of variation in PE marker σ α /μ α 0.75
Duration of follow-up (weeks) T 12
Low transmission EIR (ibppy) ε 5
High transmission EIR (ibppy) ε 150
  1. Baseline transmission efficiency based on estimates from Smith et al. [16]. Pre-erythrocytic immune markers are given in arbitrary dimensionless units and are assumed to be Log-Normally distributed across a population.