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Figure 1

From: Anti-erythropoietin antibody levels and its association with anaemia in different strains of semi-immune mice infected with Plasmodium berghei ANKA

Figure 1

Parasitaemia and haemoglobin profile in the mice strains during the seven cycles of infection and treatment. The above data are representative data of one mouse per strain. Red arrows refer to infection with 104Plasmodium berghei ANKA; blue arrows refer to treatment with chloroquine/pyrimethamine; green arrows refer to blood harvested at recovery after two weeks rest; black arrows refer to blood harvested during infection. Recovery refers to time at which mice has been rested for two weeks after treatment with chloroquine/pyrimethamine for 6 days or until parasitaemia is zero. Upper left graph a refers to profile for Balb/c; upper right graph b refers to profile for B6; lower left graph c refers to profile for CBA and lower right graph d refers to profile for NZW.

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