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Figure 2

From: Azadirachta indica ethanolic extract protects neurons from apoptosis and mitigates brain swelling in experimental cerebral malaria

Figure 2

Caspase 3 expression. A. Micrographs showing the expression of caspase 3 in pyramidal neurons of representative examples of (from left): an uninfected mouse, an untreated Plasmodium berghei-infected mouse (inf.), and a P. berghei-infected mouse treated with Azadirachta indica crude extract. B. Effect of A. indica on caspase 3 expression in pyramidal neurons of P. berghei-infected mice. Note the significant decrease following treatment with chloroquine (chlor.), artemether (artem.), and A. indica extract (dose 1,000 mg/kg). Data are mean ± SEM.

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