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Table 1 List of Plasmodium falciparum strains/clones in current widespread use for in vitro studies

From: Culture-adapted Plasmodium falciparum isolates from UK travellers: in vitro drug sensitivity, clonality and drug resistance markers

Strain/Clone§ Origin Region Year reported* Reference
Chloroquine sensitive     
NF-54 Netherlands Europe 1981 [9, 10]
3D7 (cloned from NF-54) Netherlands Europe 1987 [11]
D10 (cloned from FC27) Papua New Guinea Oceania 1983 [12]
HB3 (cloned from Honduras I/CDC) Honduras Central America 1984 [13]
D6 (cloned from Sierra Leone I/CDC) Sierra Leone Africa 1988 [14]
T9-96 (cloned from T9) Thailand Asia 1981 [15, 16]
GB4 (cloned from Ghana III/CDC) Ghana Africa 2003 [17]
ITG2F6 (cloned from Ituxi 084) Brazil South America 1979 [18]
Chloroquine resistant     
K1 Thailand Asia 1981 [19]
FCR3 The Gambia Africa 1981 [20]
W2 (cloned from Indo III/CDC) Indochina Asia 1988 [14]
W2mef (derived from W2) Indochina Asia 1988 [21]
Dd2 (cloned from W2mef) Indochina Asia 1988 [22]
7G8 (cloned from IMTM22) Brazil South America 1984 [23]
V1/S (cloned from V1) Vietnam Asia 1990 [24]
Malayan Camp Malaya Asia 1965 [25]
  1. §This list is not meant to reflect an exhaustive reference of all the parasite lines in use world-wide and it excludes the multiple progeny of the HB3 × Dd2 genetic cross or the 7G8 × GB4 genetic cross. Instead, it represents a list of parasites that predominate in the literature still today in several genetic and drug sensitivity studies.
  2. *These are the earliest literature reports for the parasite lines/clones listed so the actual date of establishment in culture pre-dates these references in each case.