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Table 3 Molecular identification of anophelines morphologically identified as An. minimus s. l. and An. maculatus s. l. in the eastern and the western region of Cambodia, based on PCR-RFLP

From: Outdoor malaria transmission in forested villages of Cambodia

Morphological identification Molecular identification Group Number identified
Eastern region Western region
An. minimus s.l. An. minimus s.s. Funestus 16 227
  An. harrisoni Funestus 2  
  An. aconitus Funestus 75 1
  An. varuna Funestus 8 6
  An. pampanai Funestus 3  
  An. maculatus s.s. Maculatus 4 7
  An. vagus Subpictus 2  
An. maculatus s.l. An. maculatus s.s. Maculatus 134 29
  An. sawadwongporni Maculatus 80 279
  An. jamesii Jamesii 11 2