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Table 6 Entomological inoculation rate (EIR) per week

From: Outdoor malaria transmission in forested villages of Cambodia

District Survey Site P. falciparum P. vivax P. malariae
Borkeo S1 Forest 1,7961   
   Village 0,3021   
  S2 Forest   0,1591  
Ochum S1 Forest    0,2253
Pailin S1 Village 0,2141   
  S2 Village   0,4022  
Pursat S1 Village   0,2191  
  S2 Village   0,1831  
  1. Only values different from zero are reported.
  2. 1 Only An. dirus s.s. contributes to this EIR.
  3. 2 Both An. dirus s.s. and An. minimus s.s. contribute to this EIR.
  4. 3 Only An. barbirostris s.s. contributes to this EIR.