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Table 3 Results of a Poisson regression model of the number of An. gambiae s.l. inside ITNs in Bungoma County including the model estimates, risk ratios and P-values

From: The efficacy of long-lasting nets with declining physical integrity may be compromised in areas with high levels of pyrethroid resistance

Parameter Risk Ratio P-value
Net type
Olyset 0.85 (0.50, 1.46) 0.563
PermaNet 0.74 (0.38-1.47) 0.394
SupaNet Ref. Ref.
Net age*
Less than 3 years 1.02 (0.56-1.84) 0.945
Older than 3 years Ref. Ref.
Hole index category
>500 cm2 1.89 (1.148-3.111) 0.012
50 to 500 cm2 2.08 (1.38-3.12) <0.001
<50 cm2 1.34 (0.8-2.36) 0.243
No holes Ref. Ref.
  1. The 95% CI for the estimate and risk ratios are given in parentheses. Significant P-values are given in boldface.
  2. *Nets of unknown age were categorized as older than three years. Additional models were run with nets of unknown aged categorized as less than or equal to three years and the results did not change substantially.