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Table 4 Mean knockdown and mortality of susceptible Anopheles gambiae s.s. Kisumu strain when exposed to field collected nets with mosquitoes present (N = 68) or absent (N = 32) at the time of collection and the comparison of knockdown and mortality by logistic regression

From: The efficacy of long-lasting nets with declining physical integrity may be compromised in areas with high levels of pyrethroid resistance

Outcome Mosquitoes Mean Odds Ratio P-value
Knockdown Present 94.4 1.20 (0.88, 1.80) 0.201
Absent 92.9 Ref.  
Mortality Present 92.5 0.74 (0.51, 1.06) 0.108
Absent 94.2 Ref.  
  1. The 95% CI for the estimate is given in parentheses.