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Table 1 AMA1-based tetramers used in this study

From: Ex vivo tetramer staining and cell surface phenotyping for early activation markers CD38 and HLA-DR to enumerate and characterize malaria antigen-specific CD8+ T-cells induced in human volunteers immunized with a Plasmodium falciparum adenovirus-vectored malaria vaccine expressing AMA1

   Tetramer tested    
Volunteer Volunteer HLA Tetramer HLA AMA-1 epitope IC50nM1 AMA1 pool sfc/mill to pool4
119 A*30:022 A*01:01 TLDEMRHFY 36 Ap4 266
   A*30:02 RYKSHGKGY3 201 Ap8 547
125 A*02:01 A*02:01 TQKCEIFNV 658 Ap8 81
126 A*01:01 A*01:01 TLDEMRHFY 17 Ap4 228
   A*30:02 RYKSHGKGY 172 Ap8 153
128 A*02:01 A*02:01 TQKCEIFNV 658 Ap8 31
  B*18:01 B*18:01 NEVVVKEEY 12 Ap10 215
   B*18:01 YEYPLHQEH 26 Ap1 71
   B*18:01 NEFPAIDLF 9 Ap7 99
147 A*30:01 A*30:02 RYKSHGKGY 172 Ap8 13
184 A*01:01 A*01:01 TLDEMRHFY 17 Ap4 568
  1. 1IC50 nM values for the volunteer’s HLA type were predicted using NetMHC web-based software [14].
  2. 2A*30:02 is a member of the A01 supertype.
  3. 3The predicted epitope = HGKGYNWGN.
  4. 4ELISpot response to parent AMA1 peptide pool containing the epitope.