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Figure 1

From: Acute respiratory distress syndrome and acute renal failure from Plasmodium ovale infection with fatal outcome

Figure 1

Multiple sequence alignment of short segments from 18S rRNA gene sequences of Plasmodium ovale spp. isolates. The isolate MAL-1 (GenBank accession number KF192072) and isolate MAL-2 (GenBank accession number KF192073) in this report were indicated as P. ovale curtisi, as shown by the high nucleotide sequence similarity shared between these two isolates and gene sequences of other P. ovale curtisi isolates (GenBank accession number JF894403, JF894405, L48986) that were available in GenBank. Gene sequences of P. ovale wallikeri from GenBank (GenBank accession number JF894407, JF894410) were used in this multiple sequence alignment as well. Position of nucleotides is based on sequences of isolate MAL-1.

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