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Table 5 Priorities – delivering enabling technologies

From: CRIMALDDI: a prioritized research agenda to expedite the discovery of new anti-malarial drugs

Removing key roadblocks to future progress • Develop in vitro and in vivo culture methods, models, and assays that can be used widely and inexpensively to study P. vivax infections across all stages of the parasite life cycle and to screen drugs more effectively for activity
• Elucidate the causes/biology of hypnozoite dormancy in P. vivax infections and so develop markers to differentiate hypnozoites from active infected hepatocytes
Speeding-up drug discovery • Precisely define and develop novel methods and assays for evaluating drug activity against each stage of the parasite’s life cycle (with priority on early ring stages)
• Develop an affordable humanized mouse model
• Develop a standardized, robust and transferable culture system for the study of P. falciparum and P. vivax liver stages
  • Develop a robust and reliable falciparum and vivax exo-erythrocytic stage culture and assay system