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Table 2 Circulating cytokine levels measured in the plasma of infected individuals P. vivax and healthy controls

From: Analysis of lymphocytes in patients with Plasmodium vivax malaria and its relation to the annexin-A1 and IL-10

Cytokine Plasma concentration of cytokine (pg/mL) Mean ± SEM
  Parasitaemia Controls
  Low High  
IL- 10 650.4 ± 59.3*### 2870.0 ± 185.3*** 326.1 ± 40.1
  1. Relation between plasma concentration of the cytokine IL-10 and the level of parasitaemia in patients infected by P. vivax. *p <0.05; ***p <0.001 compared to the control group; ###p <0.001 compared with high parasitaemia.