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Table 1 Summary of recommendations from published studies advocating the reduction of transfusion-transmitted malaria in malaria endemic areas

From: What is the best strategy for the prevention of transfusion-transmitted malaria in sub-Saharan African countries where malaria is endemic?

Screening Blood donation policies should incorporate malaria screening
Donors should be screened for malaria before donation
  Blood for neonates should be screened for malaria
Deferral/retention All blood infected with malaria should be rejected
  Blood screened for malaria should be retained but marked negative or positive
Treating recipients or blood packs Anti-malarials should be added to donated blood to eradicate parasite in vitro
Photochemical inactivation of parasites with amotosalen and long-wavelength ultraviolet light in platelet and plasma components
All neonates should be treated after every transfusion
All recipients of malaria-infected blood should be treated for malaria
  Presumptive treatment for all recipients
  1. From Owusu-Ofori et al.[3].