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Table 1 Study participants’ profile and distribution of qualitative methods

From: Acceptability by community health workers in Senegal of combining community case management of malaria and seasonal malaria chemoprevention

  In-depth interviews Focus group discussion
TOTAL 61 6
Groups and associations 6 4
   Village association   2
   Health committee 4  
   Women group   1
   Other groups (Mbotay, Tontine*) 2 1
Households 30  
   Beneficiaries of the intervention 15  
   Non-beneficiaries of the intervention 15  
Caregivers 16 2
   CHWs 8 1
   CHWs’ assistants (Relais) 4 1
   Matrons 4  
Community leaders 10  
   Imam** 2  
   Village chiefs 4  
   Rural community authority 1  
   Marabout*** 2  
  1. *A mbotay is a women friendship based group and a tontine is a saving mechanism organized by women (local banking).
  2. **The Imam chairs the Muslims’ praying ceremonies.
  3. ***The Marabout is a Muslim religious guide who can provide religious education.