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Figure 6

From: Plasma cytokines, chemokines and cellular immune responses in pre-school Nigerian children infected with Plasmodium falciparum

Figure 6

Ascaris lumbricoides infection did not alter the percentage of CD14+CD11c+, CD54+, CD56 HLA-DR+and CD36+cell populations in-co-infected individuals. PBMCs were stained extracellularly for CD14 (A), CD54 (B) CD11c (C), HLA-DR (D), CD36 (E) and CD56 (F) cell expression for each group Ascaris infection only (ASC), Malaria infection only (MAL) and co-infected (ASC + MAL) was determined by flow cytometry and compared to endemic controls (EC). *p ≤0.05; **p ≤0.01 (ANOVA) and MAL group was compared to the ASC + MAL group (no significant differences).

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