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Table 1 Common adult equivalent treatment dose (AETD) reference values for anti-malarial active ingredients

From: Methods for implementing a medicine outlet survey: lessons from the anti-malarial market

Generic name Ingredient used for AETD calculation mg dose required for 1 AETD Source
Quinine Quinine 10408 (as base1) WHO Model Formulary, 2008
Sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine Sulphadoxine 1500 WHO Model Formulary, 2008
Artemether-lumefantrine Artemether 480 WHO Model Formulary, 2008
Artesunate-Amodiaquine Artesunate 600 Manufacturer recommendations (also quoted in the WHO Guidelines for the treatment of malaria, 2nd edition, 2010)
  1. 1 Due to the pharmacodynamic properties of active ingredients, some medicines are manufactured as salts in order to improve the taste or slow down the absorption of the active ingredient. Care needs to be taken with such products as the strength in salt form will be greater than the base strength of the active ingredient. For example, 10,408 mg of quinine base corresponds to 12,600 mg of quinine sulphate, a common salt used in the presentation of quinine tablets.
  2. Source: ACTwatch.