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Table 1 List of the samples used in this study with their collection site or colony ID and corresponding NCBI accession numbers

From: Mitochondrial genome sequences reveal deep divergences among Anopheles punctulatus sibling species in Papua New Guinea

Species Location Length (bp)* Reference GenBank No.
An. punctulatus s.s. Peneng, PNG 15,200 This study JX219738
An. punctulatus s.s. Dimer, PNG 15,198 This study JX219737
An. punctulatus s.s. Yagaum, PNG 15,085 This study JX219739
An. punctulatus s.s. Yagaum, PNG 14,965 This study JX219740
An. punctulatus s.s. Madang, PNG 15,045 This study JX219744
An. farauti s.s. Madang, PNG 15,069 This study JX219741
An. hinesorum Nale, PNG 15,336 This study JX219734
An. farauti 4 Naru, PNG 15,358 This study JX219735
An. farauti 4 Naru, PNG 15,359 This study JX219736
An. koliensis Nale, PNG 15,113 This study JX219743
An. koliensis Madang, PNG 15,061 This study JX219742
An. dirus s.s. Thailand 15,404 This study JX219731
An. dirus s.s. Thailand 15,126 This study JX219732
An. cracens Thailand 15,412 This study JX219733
An. albitarsis Brazil 15,413 [43] HQ335344.1
An. albitarsis F Columbia 15,418 [43] HQ335349.1
An. albitarsis G Brazil 15,474 [43] HQ335346.1
An. deaneorum Brazil 15,424 [43] HQ335347.1
An. janconnae Brazil 15,425 [43] HQ335348.1
An. oryzalimentes Brazil 15,422 [43] HQ335345.1
An. darlingi North Belize 15,386 [37] GQ918272.1
An. darlingi South Brazil 15,385 [37] GQ918273.1
An. quadrimaculatus North America 15,455 [36] L04272.1
An. gambiae G3 strain 15,363 [35] L20934.1
Cx. pipiens Tunisia 14,856 Unpublished HQ724614.1
Ae. aegypti unknown 16,655 Unpublished EU352212.1
Ae. albopictus unknown 16,665 Unpublished AY072044.1
D. melanogaster United States 19,517 [44] U37541.1
D. yakuba Ivory Coast 16,019 [45] X03240.1
  1. * The sequence length reflects the number of actual base pairs assembled (not including Ns).