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Table 2 Quantification of the long-lasting insecticidal nets requirements, mainland Tanzania

From: Design, implementation and evaluation of a national campaign to deliver 18 million free long-lasting insecticidal nets to uncovered sleeping spaces in Tanzania

Item Value Source
2010 Total Population Projection 41,914,311 Source: NBS National Projections Volume X11 2006 Table 11 p. 168
Average Household Size 4.8 Source: Table 2.2 DHS 2004
Number of Households 8,732,148 Calculated from above data
Number of sleeping spaces @ 2.5 sleeping spaces per household 21,830,370 Estimate. To be confirmed during U5 Registration process in 2008/9
Number of sleeping spaces to be covered in 2008/9 Under-five Catch-up Campaign 7,222,171 Source: NBS National Projections Volume X11 2006. Table 11 p. 167
Uncovered sleeping spaces covered in second campaign 14,608,199 Calculated from above data
Average number of people protected by each LLIN distributed by both campaigns 1.92 Calculated from above data
  1. Source: Original Procurement and Supply Management Plan, Round 8, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (unpublished document, 2008), Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, United Republic of Tanzania: Original Procurement and Supply Management Plan (unpublished document, 2008). NBS = National Bureau of Statistics; DHS = Demographic and Health Surveys.