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Figure 1

From: A flow cytometric assay to quantify invasion of red blood cells by rodent Plasmodium parasites in vivo

Figure 1

Gating strategy of uninfected whole blood from SJL/J mice. Single cells were gated based on trigger pulse width and from these cells, debris, noise and platelets were gated out based on forward scatter/side scatter (FSC/SSC) as G1 (A). Leukocytes were then gated out by selecting anti-CD45 APC eFluor780 negative cells (G2) (B) and RBC progenitor cells were gated out by selecting anti-CD71 PerCP eFluor710 negative cells (G3) (C). Finally the remaining cells were gated based on positive DNA staining by Hoechst 33342 (G4). Representative results are shown from uninfected (D) and P. chabaudi adami DS infected (E) mice. At each stage only the cells in the previous gate were analysed as indicated. A representative image of cells from gate G4 in uninfected mice, which were sorted and Giemsa stained is shown, these are characteristic Howell-Jolly bodies (F).

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