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Figure 3

From: Genetic diversity of Plasmodium vivax population in Anhui province of China

Figure 3

Alignment of amino acid sequences of 7 pvmsp-1 distinct allelic variants and frequencies of pvmsp-1 allelic variants identified from 45 P. vivax Anhui isolates. (A) Sequences were constructed to the published amino acid sequences of Belem (M60807) and Sal-I (M75674). Dots and dashes represent identical residues and deletions, respectively. Amino acid changes resulting from nucleotide substitutions are shown in bold. S: Sal-I type; R: Recombination type. (B) Allelic frequencies of 7 pvmsp-1 allelic variants obtained from P. vivax Anhui isolates. S: Sal-I type; R: Recombination type of pvmsp-1.

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