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Figure 6

From: Genetic diversity of Plasmodium vivax population in Anhui province of China

Figure 6

Dendrogram of the pvcsp gene constructed (neighbor-joining method using by MEGA4 program) based on the nucleotide acid sequences from 12 allelic variants of 45 P. vivax Anhui isolates and from 22 published sequences around the world. The geographical origin of the 22 pvcsp published sequences is as follows: China’s Tibet (FJ601725, FJ601755, FJ601744, and FJ601732), China (U08977, U08978, and U08979), India (JQ308526 and FJ491139), Indonesia (JQ308527), Iran (AY632261 and AY632311), Myanmar (EU048256 and AF316584), North Korea (M20670 and EU401928), Papua New Guinea (EU031819 and EU031828), the Solomon Islands (U08983 and U08982), South Korea (DQ859768 and AF236846), VK210 (M28746), and VK247 (M28745). The length of the line (bottom) is proportional to the genetic differences (%). Numbers on the branches indicate bootstrap proportions (1000 replicates). Only bootstrap values above 50% are displayed on the tree.

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