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Figure 2

From: Early malaria resurgence in pre-elimination areas in Kokap Subdistrict, Kulon Progo, Indonesia

Figure 2

Lithology, landform, complex slopes and land cover maps on topographic background of Kokaps subdistrict, KulonProgo, Yogyakarta in 2012. Lithology of Kokap is dominated by andesite rock type (A). Landform of Menoreh Hills is hilly to mountainous. It consists of many valleys and ridges that form many streams dominated by denudasional mountains and hills (B). Complex slope of Kokap area which is dominated by very steep, steep and hilly (moderately steep) complex slope (C). Land cover of Kokap, existing land cover consists mainly of forest, mixed gardens, cropland and, shrubs and bush (D).

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