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Figure 6

From: An experimental hut study to quantify the effect of DDT and airborne pyrethroids on entomological parameters of malaria transmission

Figure 6

Survival curves illustrating the rate at which mosquitoes left huts with DDT, transfluthrin and metofluthrin coils. The curves represent the rate at which mosquitoes exit huts that have different insecticides compared to the control. Time (hours) to which mosquitoes left huts: 1–2100, 2–2200, 3–2300, 4–0000, 5–0100, 6–0200, 7–0300, 8–0400, 9–0500, 10–0600, 11–0700. Analysis was based on a Kaplan-Meier stepped survivorship function. Each curve represents one treatment.

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