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Table 6 Cost components and unit costs considered for monthly asymptomatic P . falciparum diagnosis, at CHK II, in Kingasani Health Zone, Kinshasa in 2013

From: Asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum infection is associated with anaemia in pregnancy and can be more cost-effectively detected by rapid diagnostic test than by microscopy in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Items Unit cost (US$) Microscopy strategy (US$) (n = 332) RDT strategy (US$) (n = 332)
Exams and supplies    
Thick blood smeara 0.72 239.04 -
SD Bioline Malaria Antigen Pf® - one test 0.79 - 262.28
Laboratory technician salary 304.34 (monthly) 588.18 123.82
Microscope- one unit – value 520.82 ( annual) 43.4 (monthly) -
Microscopy - one annual course - - -
RDT-one annual course - - -
Total   870.62 386.1
  1. aCorresponds to the individual cost of an examination, which includes a glass slide, Giemsa and other stains (all components of stains), oil immersion, lancet, cotton, alcohol and gloves.
  2. *Training costs were not available.