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Table 4 Assessment association between pfdhfr and pfdhps genotypes and treatment outcomes

From: Two novel mutations of pfdhps K540T and I588F, affecting sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine-resistant response in uncomplicated falciparum malaria at Banjar district, South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia

Genotype Treatment outcomes 95% CI P
< quintuple mutants 6 8 1.112-2.755 0.024
≥ quintuple mutants 0 10
Total 6 18   
  1. Quintuple mutants = the cases containing five mutations of pfdhfr 108N, 59R, 164L and pfdhps 437G, 540E or 540T, 581G.
  2. ACPR = adequate clinical parasitological response; ETF/LPF = parasitological failure.