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Figure 1

From: Simple, sensitive and quantitative bioluminescence assay for determination of malaria pre-patent period

Figure 1

Bioluminescence assessment of blood parasite load correlates with parasitaemia measurements and quantitatively detects circulating parasites at 60 hr after infection. A: Bioluminescence measurements in the blood four days after infection with different numbers of luciferase-expressing P. berghei ANKA sporozoites (500, 5,000 or 50,000 injected IV), with or without primaquine treatment. B: Correlation of bioluminescence assessment with blood-stage parasitaemia determined by blood smear analysis at day 4 after infection with luciferase-expressing P. berghei ANKA sporozoites. C: Assessment of pre-patent period at 60 h and 72 h after infection with different number of sporozoites (500 or 50,000 injected IV) and with or without primaquine treatment D: Assessment of pre-patent period at 60 h and 72 h after infection transmitted by the bite of 1 infected mosquito. E: Comparison of bioluminescence measurement with qPCR analysis of parasite load at 48, 60 and 72 hr after infection with 50,000 sporozoites. Non-infected (Ni) blood samples are included as control. (A-D: Each dot represents the signal of one infected mouse. Bars represent the mean value. E: Each bar represents the bioluminescence signal of one infected mouse measured in technical triplicates. PCR analysis was performed in technical duplicates).

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