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Figure 3

From: Alterations in mosquito behaviour by malaria parasites: potential impact on force of infection

Figure 3

The predicted effect of behavioural alteration on transmission at four different sites. Y-axis is the relative lifetime number of infectious bites per female (F) and each transmission site represented by different coloured bars. A . F was calculated assuming constant daily mortality. In this scenario, relative increases in F are driven by the number of attempted bites per infectious feed (A). F is a relative measure within sites and so the relative increases do not vary between sites under this mortality assumption, even though the absolute magnitude of transmission intensity varies among the sites. B. Values generated assuming all mortality is feeding-related. In this instance there is no effect of the number infectious bites on F (see FigureĀ 2) and thus, the effect of the probability of feeding during pre-infectious feeds (1-M) is displayed.

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