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Table 1 Generalized mortality distributions

From: Alterations in mosquito behaviour by malaria parasites: potential impact on force of infection

Distribution a b c s f Daily Total
Background 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 21.64% 21.64% 15.00% 38.59%
Feeding-associated 21.64% 21.64% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 38.59%
50% of each 11.48% 11.48% 0.00% 11.48% 11.48% 7.811% 38.59%
  1. Three distributions of mortality were used in the model: mortality evenly distributed over a feeding cycle, mortality completely associated with feeding attempts and an intermediate scenario in which mortality half of the mortality was evenly dispersed over a feeding cycle and half of the total mortality was associated with the feeding event.
  2. Symbols: a refers to pre-bite mortality, b refers to post-bite mortality, Total, is the mortality over a cycle.