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Table 3 The effect of different mortality assumptions on the relative increase in force of infection

From: Alterations in mosquito behaviour by malaria parasites: potential impact on force of infection

Distribution Daily a b c Total Max F
Background 15% 0% 0% 0% 38.6% 5
Feeding- associated 0% 21.6% 21.6% 0% 38.6% 7
Oviposition 0% 0% 0% 38.6% 38.6% 35
  1. Mortality distributions were calculated based on the parameters of the generalized case (15% daily mortality, three-day gonotrophic cycle, and four pre-infectious cycles). Details of each mortality distribution are also given. Note that in the all-feeding mortality scenario, that feeding-associated mortality is evenly split between immediately pre-and post-bite.
  2. Symbols; a refers to pre-bite mortality, b refers to post-bite mortality, and c refers to ovipostion-related mortality, Total is the mortality over the cycle. The relative increase in the number of infectious bites per female (Max F) is reported for a scenario in which all manipulated females skip pre-infectious feeding cycles (M = 0) and infectious females take five bites per feeding attempt (A = 5).